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COINWeek is the largest independent online media source for rare coin & currency news, video, analysis, and articles contributed by leading experts across the numismatic spectrum.

Our goal is to consistently provide the latest news and instructive content to enhance our reader’s knowledge of numismatics. We deliver demographically matched readers to our advertisers’ target demographic interested in dealing only with the finest companies in the numismatic industry.

COINWeek has the capabilities to provide our advertising clients [through our Media Services Division] with expert guidance in ad campaign planning, marketing , social media, video production, web site design and custom consulting services including:

  • Banner creation and ongoing analysis of ad success.
  • Implementation strategies to utilize data to achieve the best possible success rates per each ad campaign.
  • Landing page analysis.
  • Target demographic and acquisition strategy analysis.
  • Content Marketing and implementation strategies

*CoinWeek does NOT buy, sell, grade or auction coins, currency, books or supplies.

Please contact David Lisot to learn more about and how we can serve you.

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