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Fresh off a $10.3 million New York US coin signature auction, and with Part II of the Eric P. Newman collection expected to raise another $15 million this weekend, your opportunities to expand your US coin collection continue at The Money Show of the Southwest in Houston is the setting, as over 5,000 coins are set to be auctioned December 5-8.

ha sw dec5 Heritage Houston US Coin Auction Starts TodayFour dollar gold pieces, also known as stellas after the star device on the reverse, are highlights of any auction in which they appear, and this auction boasts one such coin, a 1879 Flowing Hair variety, graded Proof-65 Deep Cameo by PCGS. The 1879 Flowing Hair is by far the most available stella to collectors, but with a mintage in the hundreds and a demand many times that, it is always the object of spirited bidding whenever it appears at auction.

Another low mintage gold rarity is the 1796 quarter eagle with no stars on the obverse. Fewer than a thousand of the No Stars and With Stars varieties combined were minted in 1796, and less than a hundred No Stars coins have been certified in all grades by the major services. The coin we’re offering in Houston bears a modest VF30 grade assigned by PCGS, but collectors looking for an example of this rare date will find this piece much more affordable than some of the alternatives in their infrequent appearances in auction.

Only 20 examples of the 1864 cent with L on ribbon are known, and we were fortunate enough to offer three of them in our recent Long Beach auction. Two more will be offered in Houston, meaning that Heritage will be offering a quarter of the known specimens over a period of less than three months. Both of these coins are Snow-PR2 varieties certified Proof-64 by NGC many years ago, as evidenced by the older holders housing the coins. Lot 3518 is designated Red and Brown, while lot 3517, designated Brown, is the plate coin in Breen’s Proof Encyclopedia.

Just a few of the other highlights of this auction include:

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