Dillon Gage Offering New, One-Ounce Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

Dillon Gage Metals, wholesale dealers of precious metals in Dallas, is carrying newly minted, one-ounce bars of silver from renowned metals refiner Johnson Matthey (JM). These small bars from London-based Johnson Matthey are a liquid investment that can be easily sold.

Johnson Matthey discontinued production of its one-ounce silver bars in the 1980s -- leading to their increased scarcity and desirability. They recently decided to resume minting and are limiting their U.S. distribution to a few key wholesalers, such as Dillon Gage Metals.

"Johnson Matthey bars are valued by many of our clients, but they haven't always been easy to buy," says Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage Metals. "With this new series and with silver hovering around $28 an ounce now, one-ounce bars are an easy way to purchase silver because they are portable and can be liquidated in the future one by one, if desired. They are packaged in sheets of twenty and also 500 to a box.

Each new JM bar contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver bullion and includes the inscription "Johnson Matthey, Assayers and Refiners," next to the company's logo -- JM on the right and two crossed hammers on the left. The bar's weight, purity and serial number are inscribed. The reverse side of the bar shows the company's logo in a diagonal pattern.

These bars are also manufactured to standards that allow them to be held in precious metal IRAs.

Johnson Matthey bars are delivered to customers sealed in plastic for easy storage. Bars are 1 1/8 inch by 2 inches in size and, because they are flat, can be stacked and stored.

Why invest in silver rather than something else? Last year the gray metal scaled its 1980 high and reached an all-time high of $48.78 an ounce as investor demand swelled. "Prices have pulled back, but we expect them to retest the recent high at some point, "Hanlon says. "Though silver's usage in photography has declined, new industrial applications are being discovered for it all the time."

"Silver is the best electrical and thermal conductor of all the metals, and it is used in many electrical applications," Hanlon observes. "Silver is used to make photovoltaic cells and coatings for compact discs and DVDs. And because of its disinfectant properties, silver is increasingly used in medical applications, including catheters and breathing tubes."

Combined usage in jewelry, coins, photography, silverware and other industries, which accounts for over 80 percent of total annual silver demand, is expected to rise between 3 and 5 percent in 2012 to around 900 million ounces worldwide, according to Gold Fields Mineral Services, a respected metals research firm in London.

Hanlon says, "We believe that silver has upside potential because of strong investor and industrial demand. It may reach $50 an ounce eventually and possibly even higher when you consider that its inflation-adjusted price from 1980 is $130 per ounce.

As for the new bars, Hanlon recommends dealers call Dillon Gage's trading room and take advantage of our discounted prices for bulk purchases.

Johnson Matthey, established in 1817, refines and distributes silver, gold, platinum and other precious metals. The company is one of the world's oldest silver refineries but is also a leader in sustainable, clean technologies.

Dillon Gage Metals offers bullion trading, online trading of physical metal and futures, jewelry trading and liquidation, refining services, and rare coins and estate liquidations.

For more information on Dillon Gage Metals, please visit www.dillongage.com/metals or phone 800-375-4653. Follow Dillon Gage on Twitter @DillonGage and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dillongage.

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  1. Rainy Day says:

    Both gainsvillecoin.com and providentmetals.com are selling these. They are priced competitively on both sites. These bars are not being minted by JM but have been licensed and released by a third party company, the Sunshine Mint.

  2. erik says:

    Each new JM bar contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver bullion and includes the inscription “Johnson Matthey, Assayers and Refiners,” next to the company’s logo — JM on the right and two crossed hammers on the left. The bar’s weight, purity and serial number are inscribed. The reverse side of the bar shows the company’s logo in a diagonal pattern.


  3. Kirk says:

    Definitely dont like the idea of Sunshine Mint producing these. LAME!

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