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Small Cents – Lincoln Cent, Bronze, Wheat Ears Reverse, 1909-1958

Small Cents – Lincoln Cent, Bronze, Wheat Ears Reverse, 1909-1958

Description: The Lincoln cent has been a favorite of collectors for many years. Part of the appeal lies in the fact that it is the first circulating U.S. coin to feature a likeness of an real person; who just happens to be one of the most respected... read more »


Small Cents – Lincoln Cent, Steel, Wheat Ears Reverse, 1943

Small Cents – Lincoln Cent, Steel, Wheat Ears Reverse, 1943

Description: Lincoln cents were made of bronze most years, but World War II resulted in a couple of changes to the cent composition. Because copper was a critical war material, efforts were made to find alternative materials (ceramics and plastics... read more »


Coin Rarities & Related Topics: 1943-D copper cent, 1795 Reeded Edge cent, 1811/0 cent, and half cent errors

News and Analysis on coins, coin markets, and the coin collecting community, #20 A Weekly Column by Greg Reynolds I had originally intended to write this week about a variety of coins that were offered in the recently concluded Southern California... read more »


Lincoln Cent Matte Proofs By Kevin Flynn

The only book devoted entirely to matte proof Lincoln Cents. Over 250 color and black and white photos provide die diagnostics descriptions to identify and authenticate matte proof Lincoln Cents. Included are die state diagnostics and photographs... read more »


Guide Book of Lincoln Cents

Generations of coin collectors have grown up with the Lincoln cent. Now, as the coin nears its 100th anniversary (and the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth), Q. David Bowers provides a detailed study of this great American classic—our... read more »


Looking Through Lincoln Cents by: Charles D. Daughtrey

Pull a few pennies from your pocket. Take a close look. You may be holding an oddity that the U.S. Mint did not want you to find. Yet millions of them have found their way into general circulation. Many are worth hundreds of dollars. Experts... read more »