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Numismatic Books: Collectible Ike Varieties: Facts, Photos and Theories

Author / Editor: Rob Ezerman; David Golan; Herbert Hicks; Gary Hoop; Andrew Oskam; Bill Sanders; Brian Vaile

The Ike Group’s Top Collectible Varieties and our research on each. The first section is our top 21 Collectible Ike Varieties (our DIVA’s), with facts, photos and comments.

ike group variety Numismatic Books: Collectible Ike Varieties: Facts, Photos and TheoriesThe second section is the core of the Ike Group’s research: highlights include a photo copy of Herb Hick’s amazing 1974 article on the three 71-72 reverses (known at that time); a photo copy of Del Romine’s only article published in the numismatic press, a pithy essay by Sam Petry whom many of you will recognize from the PCGS US Coin Forum, a sharp essay by Andy on minting metallurgy, and photo copies of the 72-73 Mint records of Ike hubs and dies from early 1970. One heck of a good book for all modern coin collectors.
Binding: Paperback, Spiral or Hardcover
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: June 2011
Size: 8.5×11
Pages: 500

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