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RARE COINS, RARE PEOPLE- Biography of Leon & Ruhama Hendrickson

Description: Pre-sale orders for Rare Coins, Rare People. 1st Edition Biography of Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson and SilverTowne LP. Books will be shipped after the 1st of January 2011 due to a printing delay.

rarePeople book RARE COINS, RARE PEOPLE  Biography of Leon & Ruhama HendricksonThe Book recounts such things as:

  • The great silver certificate redemption of 1967.
  • The silver bubble of 1980.
  • The Continental Illinois Hoard and distribution of 1400 bags of mostly gem Morgan dollars with Ed Milas.
  • The Levere Redfield Hoard. Steve Markoff had secured the sole right to sell these coins and Leon  made a deal to buy a portion from Markoff instead of competing against him.
  • The 1973 attempted robbery where Leon’s wife was shot and one of the intruders was killed.
  • The Dexter 1804 dollar.
  • The money-laundering charge which centered around a $750,000 cash bullion deal where income was reported on his taxes but Leon didn’t file the cash reporting form. A nightmare senerio.

Available from the SilverTowne Website. Order Here

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