Franklin Half Dollar Specialist Rick Tomaska Debuts Coin Show Tonight

CoinWeek staff reports....

A new coin show on Dish Network's Rare Collectibles TV Channel, featuring California-based coin dealer Rick Tomaska, will debut tonight. Tomaska is a well-known specialist in the Franklin half dollar series and the author of two notable books: A Complete Guide to Franklin Half Dollars (1997) and Whitman's Red Book Guide to Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars (2012)

tomaska2The show, entitled "Rick's U.S. Coin Show", airs Thursdays and Fridays from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm PST and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm PST.

Tomaska will be joined on-air by co-host Jack McNamara. McNamara is head buyer for Rare Collectibles TV and was formerly a buyer for Stack's. Tomaska's daughters Kim and Caitlin will work as the show's presenters.

On the RandICoins website, Tomaska explains the venture: "Having been in business for over 30 years, I know how difficult it is to get the right people in a partnership that share the same vision and willing to work together as a team, with the single purpose of putting the best coin show on television for you, the numismatic enthusiast. That is our goal."

Tomaska says that the program will be informative and entertaining, and feature videos and documentaries to explain the importance and significance of the coins being offered.

"We want to do everything and anything we can think of to make the collecting experience as enjoyable and enriching as possible," Tomaska writes. "This is a two-way conversation; please give us a call or email me if there is something you would like to see on this show!"

“Rick's U.S. Coin Show” airs on the Rare Collectibles TV network beginning Thursday, July 17, on DISH Network (channels 85 and 224).


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  1. Dean Reiss says:

    I am a customer of R&I and I happened to see Rick’s show on Dish at a friends house and was wondering if the show is going to air on Cox Cable in Tulsa Oklahoma

  2. jeremiah barnett says:

    I found a 1974 Kennedy half I think its a double die I can’t find one documented anywhere because this one is doubled on the back side the dollar and the state is doubled can you give me some insight to this coin.

    thank you

    jeremiah barnett

  3. robert smeton says:

    I have time-warner network……is the show tonite
    on time warner…….what channel?????

  4. grady roberts says:

    Rick, I have watched you on tv for some time. What would your price be on a set of walking liberty half-dollars in fine condition and a set of franklin half dollars in very fine condition. Thanks, Grady Roberts Jr.

  5. JP in MN & 17 others around the USA says:

    Dear Rick:
    17 friends of mine from all over the USA & myself love your show & have been watching since July 17 2014 (glad you left Barry). We love it & most of your prices. We do like the fact that you provide info for young, new, and UN-knowledgeable coin collectors (numismatist). We feel you spend way toooo much time doing so as it bores all of us because you are now repeating & repeating & repeating the same information. The e bay info is just not relative, most people now a days especially the young are aware of the facts regarding anything sold on e bay & we will leave it at that. Then you go on & on & on & on & on & on & on before you provide your asking price of said coin(s). The majority of your prices are great deals for the most part.

    We are aware that it is the way “Barry” & his people do his show’s except they do not provide the in depth info about the coins usually, Barry goes on his rants about the Gov. printing more & more paper money, we all turn him off at that point.

    We wonder if you have witnessed Don Davis’ coin show and his procedures. We love the way Don presents his products (coins); Don does provide info about the coin(s) just like you do except Don does not spend 15 minutes plus just getting that info out to his viewers. Don spends about 5-7 minutes getting that info out then he will have a 3 minute window before he moves on to his next coinage. Don is getting a larger variety of coinage on TV & out to his customers. All 18 of us hope you will give it some consideration about changing your ways and do it somewhat like Don does.

    We do not watch all of Barry’s presentations tooooo long on ranting & raving & boring jibber jabber. We do not watch all of your presentations either as your info is getting to be the same info time after time on the same coins i. e. Kennedy’s, Franklyn’s, etc. We do watch all of Don’s shows he moves along at a fairly good pace & has a fair variety of coinage.

    PLEASE DO NOT take this the wrong way our intentions are not to be mean our suggestion is only to assist you in making your presentations & program better & better. We would love to in the future be able to watch all of your program each day it is on our local network(s) Thanks : JP & 17 others from around the USA

    • fmtransmitter says:

      That is what I use my DVR for. The best $7 a month I ever spend! I record the airings and get to the point and pause and watch when he gives some historical perspective but I agree with what you are saying. The Barry way is ingrained and I am sure we can all tell that Rick isn’t a TV kinda host and need some time to get used to it but I think he is doing a great job thus far with what he has to work with. As sales increase, and word spreads, I am sure that show could be a diamond (proof) in the rough..Keep up the great work Rick.

    • fmtransmitter says:

      I will say one thing in favor of Barry though. I have been watching TV since I was baby and let’s say I am close to 50. I have NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE seen a grown man eat dog food. Not even in real life, let alone a TV coin show. That took some kahunas and I will always remember it and give his props for it!!

  6. Patrick Flower says:

    Mr. Tomaska:
    Thank you SO MUCH for having your own coin show. And for getting away from Barry.
    Your shows are very helpful; informative.
    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
    Much Appreciated,
    Big Fan,
    Patrick Flower
    Ionia, Michigan

  7. acfxr says:

    Mr. Tomaska,
    First, thank you for imparting your knowledge and your experience in the industry with the viewing audience. (I watch Faithfully)The other night after watching a presentation on proof franklins, I decided to make an order. I called the number and waited for quite some time, then a voice message prompted me to leave my info and what I was calling for, to which I complied.. no call back. I called again the next day (today) and endured the same scenario. This time however, I did get a call back,about two hours later, while in a meeting, and could not take the call. I stepped out of the meeting and called back immediately. Same thing…. wait… voice mail… leave message. I called no less than six times today to purchase what I consider a sizeable order, and was only contacted once. This being friday, and clearly understanding the hours of operation that the automated voice prompt gave me, I am sure that I will not hear anything back on Monday, and if I do, the “limited quantities ” that were available will probably be gone. I would suggest that if a representative does call a prospective customer back that they leave their direct extension. I also referenced the order “stock”? number from the show,and stated that I wanted to purchase the item. The callers message stated that he was returning a call about “tracking an order???” If you are using a third party call center I would suggest training for them.FYI I had to really talk myself into writing this, as I am not a complainer, I feel that since you are so willing to help with my education on coins that I would like to help your success. Also to add to the rant, I agree wholeheartedly with JP in MN and 17 others.It is hard enough to get my wife to let me watch your show, without the same information being presented each time, not that it is not pertinent, just let the 70 new viewers on each show know to go to your website to learn more, and populate the website with the items you cover, (how proofs are made, what bag marks are, etc. or have a place on the site to buy your book(s)!!!)I went there to try to purchase the item of interest before calling back six times… slim offerings on the site. It would be a lot less expensive to put the items from the show on the site than man a phone call center… just sayin…please don’t take any of this the wrong way, I wish you success and never watch Barry/ Sean since you left!Hopefully I can get a call back (or in) on Monday and there will still be availability on the item.

  8. Donald Brooks says:

    I*m interested in Franklin Half dollars, Kennedy halfs, and Eisenhower dollars. If I could get a catalog on them showing how they are and they*re worth. I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. Disgruntled says:

    It is difficult to talk to a real person. When you call the service department you’ll always get a tape that says they are busy with a customer, no matter what time you call. You’ll be asked to leave your name and number and will be told a representative will get in touch with you “within one business day.” So far they have failed to call back at all about half the time. When I finally got through to a real person and was given a tracking number for the U.S.P.S. I checked to find the status of the shipment I learned that a label had been created. So when I called the postal service to find out more information I learned that Rick’s Coins had not delivered the package yet —— and they still haven’t and it is six days since the label was created. That is not just terrible service, that is NO SERVICE.

    Also, have you noticed how Rick is always claiming he has the best deals around? Well, a short time ago Rick had a deal for four Peace Dollar coins. Shortly after that a “station one number greater” than the station Rick broadcasts from had the exact same coins in the exact same condition for $600 LESS.

    I was pleased when Rick moved to another station and got his own show. Now I am starting to doubt his integrity and am wondering if I should ever deal with his company again. So far it has been one big pain in the neck. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!

  10. Brad says:

    Hey JP & “17” others – You mean you don’t want Rick to go “on and on”, like you basically just did in your rant? LOL! – Rick and his team do a great job and are providing a wonderful service by explaining things first and laying down some history on the product before “throwing prices” around. He’s smart enough to realize that there are newbies tuning in each and every broadcast day, therefore making sure everyone is on the “same page” – Leave the show content to Rick; he knows more than you want his customers want.

    • Michael R. says:

      Watched rick tomaska show on august 28 2015. He was bragging how you could buy a or 70 1993 p pcgs American eagle for ONLY 1900 plus. He then showed some adds for the same coin from another company for 2600 dollars. The same coin can be bought ft liberty coin in California for 1725.

      It is interesting how whenever I see the items he is selling I can always buy the exact same coin cheaper. Also he uses a barker type sales pitch with such statements as “this coin should sell for much more and will some day” Another gimmicks he uses is “not 100, not 75 but only 60” These numbers are only used as an example of his technique. I cannot believe people fall for this when merely by doing due diligence people can do better. I would never deal with him. I can buy almost everything he pushes merely by calling XXXXXXXXX.

  11. Hubert Walker says:

    Hey All,

    Thank you all for leaving your comments here. They provide valuable context and we appreciate all the information you bring to the table.

    But if you have a customer service issue with Mr. Tomaska’s business, please make sure you also post it where Mr. Tomaska is most likely to look. A good place to start (if you haven’t already) would be the contact page on his website, which you can visit by going to

    I’m glad everyone has taken the time to write, but I don’t want anyone’s service issues needlessly complicated because you visited CoinWeek.

    Here’s hoping everyone’s new year is a good one.

    CoinWeek Support Team

  12. Don B. says:

    Mr.Tomaska,I enjoy

  13. Philip Lyman says:

    I don’t have a website…just an individual & novice collector. For reasons due to my newness to collecting, twice in recent months I’ve returned coins. Wanting to make good on my ordering, I saw (and placed an order for beautiful St. Gaudens $20 MS65 on last eve’s show (Fri. 01/30). Sadly, on further thought, it dawned on me the coin & price are way beyond my ability to purchase. The cost was $2500. Following Rick’s advice today I looked for a similar coin on ebay; I found a large number of MS65s priced at $500-600 less. I’m living on Social Security, have limited income, and once again jumped the gun by placing an order without making further investigation of the coin…as to whether it’s available elsewhere & at lower cost. I ‘m terribly sorry to again request my order be cancelled (before it’s even been shipped) but it’ll be a huge error if I go through with this sale. Can you help me cancel the order? I’m in deep trouble if, once again, I allow my eyes rather than my mind do the calculations about placing the order. Thank you. (xxx) xxx-xxxx. This will be, I assure you, the last time I place an order – especially such a large one – without further thought. I appreciate your courtesy & accommodation, as this is by no means the first time I’ve asked to withdraw an order. Many thanks. Philip Lyman, xxx xxx Ln.,xxxxxxxxx, NY xxxxx. I hope you’ll make contact. If not I’ll try getting through to you on Monday, Feb. 3, 2015. You are a prince.

  14. Buck says:



  15. TODD says:

    Rick , i really enjoy your show … the only comment i have tonight , is … if you compare ebay prices , it would be helpful if you would show the lowest prices of the exact coin you are showing on ebay , then lower your prices accordingly …Several times , i have been watching your show , and several ngc graded coins you were offering , you could buy the exact coin & grade , quite a bit lower ,hundreds lower ….. on ebay …. this would be helpful to me as a buyer …thanks …todd

    • An observation says:

      Most of the coins he offers on his show can be found in the same condition at lower prices elsewhere.

  16. Rodney says:

    Dear Rick, They or whoever just canceled your show. I’m pissed. Is there a different channel that I can pick-up to watch your show? Appleton , Wisc. area. Was watching Zeal 194.

  17. I cannot belive what i saw.This is a sham. You show ebay results that you must make up because they are nonwhere near the prices truly on ebay. I thought this show was legitimate until i started doing research while watching the show. They are trying to get double and triple what the coins they sell are actually worth. They talk a bunch of crap that doese not make sense listen carefully to what they say its really sad. They are hoping to rip off elderly people. Its very obvious and sad…

  18. WILBERT GREEN says:


    • Charles Morgan says:

      It’s not the lowest mintage silver eagle. It’s the exact same silver eagle that you could buy individually. The 1995-W was only available in a set that cost $999 dollars in 1995. The grading services only recently started to slab coins from that set and denote the set. It’s the same coin, however, don’t be fooled.

  19. Eddie Galle Is there a Kennedy 50th A says:

    Is there a Kennedy 2014 P-D 50th Anniv. Accented Hair coin that is real

  20. William Malayer says:

    I have a contradiction with the official RED Book GUIDE to LINCOLN CENTS by David Bowers, published year 269. For the year 1992. Quote-CLOSE AM: Bottoms of letters almost touch. FG DISTANT from building. BUT below for 1992 CLOSE AM, Quote: The letters AM almost touch; FG IS close to the building. Extremely rare. This also said the same for the WIDE AM. I am confused by this. Any advise? Mr. M.

  21. Newshound says:

    Been a customer of RT’s. I pay more when I buy from him, but I like PQ coins – I always feel like I’ve gotten great value. And the service is terrific.

  22. Dan Middlebrook says:

    I have been a collector for over 50 years. I have learned more about collecting since I started watching your show last month than I ever new. Thanks you

  23. Tracey samson says:

    I have a 50 Cent John F Kennedy 1967 that is either gold plated or gold I’m not sure but is the color of gold and I don’t know if I can get it certified can you please give me a response let me know how much it is worth

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