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Franklin Half Dollar Specialist Rick Tomaska Debuts Coin Show Tonight

CoinWeek staff reports….

A new coin show on Dish Network’s Rare Collectibles TV Channel, featuring California-based coin dealer Rick Tomaska, will debut tonight. Tomaska is a well-known specialist in the Franklin half dollar series and the author of two notable books: A Complete Guide to Franklin Half Dollars (1997) and Whitman’s Red Book Guide to Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars (2012)

tomaska2 Franklin Half Dollar Specialist Rick Tomaska Debuts Coin Show TonightThe show, entitled “Rick’s U.S. Coin Show”, airs Thursdays and Fridays from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm PST and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm PST.

Tomaska will be joined on-air by co-host Jack McNamara. McNamara is head buyer for Rare Collectibles TV and was formerly a buyer for Stack’s. Tomaska’s daughters Kim and Caitlin will work as the show’s presenters.

On the RandICoins website, Tomaska explains the venture: “Having been in business for over 30 years, I know how difficult it is to get the right people in a partnership that share the same vision and willing to work together as a team, with the single purpose of putting the best coin show on television for you, the numismatic enthusiast. That is our goal.”

Tomaska says that the program will be informative and entertaining, and feature videos and documentaries to explain the importance and significance of the coins being offered.

“We want to do everything and anything we can think of to make the collecting experience as enjoyable and enriching as possible,” Tomaska writes. “This is a two-way conversation; please give us a call or email me if there is something you would like to see on this show!”

“Rick’s U.S. Coin Show” airs on the Rare Collectibles TV network beginning Thursday, July 17, on DISH Network (channels 85 and 224).


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5 Comments on "Franklin Half Dollar Specialist Rick Tomaska Debuts Coin Show Tonight"

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  1. Dean Reiss says:

    I am a customer of R&I and I happened to see Rick’s show on Dish at a friends house and was wondering if the show is going to air on Cox Cable in Tulsa Oklahoma

  2. jeremiah barnett says:

    I found a 1974 Kennedy half I think its a double die I can’t find one documented anywhere because this one is doubled on the back side the dollar and the state is doubled can you give me some insight to this coin.

    thank you

    jeremiah barnett

  3. robert smeton says:

    I have time-warner network……is the show tonite
    on time warner…….what channel?????

  4. grady roberts says:

    Rick, I have watched you on tv for some time. What would your price be on a set of walking liberty half-dollars in fine condition and a set of franklin half dollars in very fine condition. Thanks, Grady Roberts Jr.

  5. JP in MN & 17 others around the USA says:

    Dear Rick:
    17 friends of mine from all over the USA & myself love your show & have been watching since July 17 2014 (glad you left Barry). We love it & most of your prices. We do like the fact that you provide info for young, new, and UN-knowledgeable coin collectors (numismatist). We feel you spend way toooo much time doing so as it bores all of us because you are now repeating & repeating & repeating the same information. The e bay info is just not relative, most people now a days especially the young are aware of the facts regarding anything sold on e bay & we will leave it at that. Then you go on & on & on & on & on & on & on before you provide your asking price of said coin(s). The majority of your prices are great deals for the most part.

    We are aware that it is the way “Barry” & his people do his show’s except they do not provide the in depth info about the coins usually, Barry goes on his rants about the Gov. printing more & more paper money, we all turn him off at that point.

    We wonder if you have witnessed Don Davis’ coin show and his procedures. We love the way Don presents his products (coins); Don does provide info about the coin(s) just like you do except Don does not spend 15 minutes plus just getting that info out to his viewers. Don spends about 5-7 minutes getting that info out then he will have a 3 minute window before he moves on to his next coinage. Don is getting a larger variety of coinage on TV & out to his customers. All 18 of us hope you will give it some consideration about changing your ways and do it somewhat like Don does.

    We do not watch all of Barry’s presentations tooooo long on ranting & raving & boring jibber jabber. We do not watch all of your presentations either as your info is getting to be the same info time after time on the same coins i. e. Kennedy’s, Franklyn’s, etc. We do watch all of Don’s shows he moves along at a fairly good pace & has a fair variety of coinage.

    PLEASE DO NOT take this the wrong way our intentions are not to be mean our suggestion is only to assist you in making your presentations & program better & better. We would love to in the future be able to watch all of your program each day it is on our local network(s) Thanks : JP & 17 others from around the USA

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