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CoinWeek Silver Coin Giveaway Contest


2014 ase pcgs gold CoinWeek Silver Coin Giveaway #27

Good Luck This Week


We have anopther great example in the US Silver Eagles series. This week we are giving away a……

2014 MS-70 Gold Foil Insert First Strike Silver Eagle

Entries for this Contest will be accepted from 9:00 PM on June 25thth through 8:59pm on July 2nd 2014.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page and posted here as well.

REMEMBER, for every person you refer to the contest, we give you 5 More Chances to Win !

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******************************************************************************************winner stamp CoinWeek Silver Coin Giveaway #27


December 9th 2013 – The winner of tthe first weeks contest was Chuck H. from Erie PA Congratulations !

“I can’t remember the last time i won anything…a welcomed surprise. Thanks for having these giveaways, and CoinWeek is a good resource with my newly found hobby.”

December 16th 2013 – The winner of the second contest was Mark L.

December 22nd 2013 – The winner of the third contest was Charles J. from Denver, Co.

December 29th 2013 – The winner of the fourth contest Dario M. from Bakersfield, CA …… Woot woot!!

“I would like to thank CoinWeek for hosting these fun giveaway contests, it gives us coin collectors something to look forward to each week!”

January 6th 2014 – The winner of the fifth contest was Tim Elswick from Eddyville, Iowa …… Hoorah !

“A big thank you to the great folks at CoinWeek for the opportunity to win this fine silver eagle. I will be putting it away for my new grandson who was born in 2013. I could not be more pleased”

January 12th 2014 – The winner of the sixth contest was Daniel B. from Burbank, Il …… Congrat’s !

Coin Week is Number 1 when I need info on Coins”

January 19th 2014 - The winner of the seventh contest was Lynne T. from Baldwin, NY …… Congratulations!

January 26th 2014 - The winner of the Eighth contest was Ron Miller from Ohio…..Enjoy the coin !

“Coinweek.com is an outstanding online resource and thankfully allows it’s users to share in it’s success with outstanding weekly competitions. Thank you Coinweek”

February 2nd 2014 - The winner of the ninth contest was E. Crook from Georgia……..

Also we had a special “Contest within a Contest” for the person with the most referrals, and we had a tie- hence two winners……

  • Andrew Miller form Missouri ….. “Thank you for the beautiful coin and a great magazine!”
  • And Past winner Dario M. from California …… “CoinWeek rocks!”

A special thank you for all your efforts in getting the word out !

February 9th 2014 - The winner of the tenth contest was Lila Soliz from California.

“This means a lot to me, it will be added to my Aunties coin collection that I love so very much!” Congratulations Lila !

February 16th 2014 - The winner of the eleventh contest was Jacob Schroeder from Missouri

“Thanks ! I love the CoinWeek site! This coin will be added to my collection along with my Morgan & Peace dollars”

February 23rd 2014 - The winner of the twelth contest was Evan Granger….. Way to Go !

March 2nd 2014 – The Winner of the thirteenth contest was Sharon Kaminski of Wisconson !

March 9th 2014 – The Winner of the fourteenth contestwas Rita Langford of New York !

“This is so cool!! Thank you! What a great contest!”

March 16th 2014 – The Winner of the fifteenth contest was Justin Keyser

March 23rd 2014 – The Winner of the sixteenth contest s Ernest McCloud

March 30th 2014 – The Winner of the seventeenth contest was Mike Kirkland

April 6th 2014 – The Winner of the eightteenth contest was Jeff Voorhis

April 13th 2014 – The Winner of the nineteenth contest was Ron McKinney

April 20th 2014 – The Winner of the twentieth contest was Vince Hirtz – Good Going!

April 27th 2014 – The Winner of the twenty first contest was Steve Meeks

May 4th 2014 – The Winner of the twenty second was Jason Maloy

May 11th 2014 – The Winner of the twenty third contest was Troy Kirschner

May 18th 2014 – The Winner of the twenty fourth contest was Doug Wauneka

May 26th 2014 – The Winner of the twenty fifth contest was Dan Moore

June 18th 2014 – The Winner of the twenty sixth contest TBA



  1. John Oneto says:

    Would love to own that coin!!!!

  2. Rickey Suire says:

    The winner for 27 should have been anounced it ended on 25 today is the 30th whats up coinweek i need this coin more than you know

  3. Greg Gentry says:

    Thanks for another chance to win a great coin to add to the collection!

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