Numismatic Crime Alerts: 2014

ncic alert Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014Crimes related to numismatics know no boundaries and affects the numismatic industry around the world. Millions of dollars in numismatic items have been stolen from collectors and dealers who have fallen prey to a numismatic crime.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation established to coordinate and collaborate initiatives between law enforcement and the numismatic industry in “Targeting Numismatic Crimes Around the World.” Please refer to the about page for more information.

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Note: The following items and links about Numismatic Crime are compiled by CoinWeek from multiple news sources and are  reposted for informational purposes only with no guarantee of accuracy and the original souerce is solely responsible for the content.

September 10th, 2014

Stolen Coins

A Fedex shipment containing rare Cypress coins along with 40 other scarce world coins have been reported stolen while being shipped from Athens Greece to Paris.


The rare Cyprus coins are the following:

a. Cyprus ¼ Piastre 1880 of Queen Victoria. This coin looks like Proof but we believe that it would have been graded as MS65BN PL according the USA standards or Brown Uncirculated (Prooflike) according to the UK standards. The coin has a mirror surface and brown color both sides which
makes it looks proof but we believe it is an early strike.

b. Cyprus ½ Piastre 1908 of King Edward VII. We believe that this coin would have been graded as MS63BN or MS64BN according to the USA standards or Brown Uncirculated according to the UK standards. This coin has some red luster on reverse and light brown color both sides. This is the weakly struck variety (King’s portrait on obverse and the line from ½ on reverse are weakly stuck). 

c. Cyprus Proof set of 3 silver coins dated 1921 of King George V. The coins are 4 ½ Piastres, 9 Piastres and 18 Piastres all dated 1921. These coins have dark grey and blue patina and we believe that they would have been graded as follows: 18 Piastres PF64-65, 9 Piastres PF64-65 and 4 ½ Piastres PF63-64. The 4 ½ Piastres has a few light hairlines from an old cleaning which are under the deep grey and purple patina. All coins have a matching dark grey and blue toning except the 4 ½ Piastres which has also a light purple color mixed with grey.

Other coins stolen include 20 Gem Uncirculated Malaya & British Borneo 20 Cents 1961 of Queen Elizabeth II (MS65-MS67) and 20 modern Greek coins from King Paul I and King Constantine II.

Any dealer or collector with information on this offense should contact:

Doug Davis


September 5th, 2014

Stolen Coins

The following gold coins were stolen from BucksCoins in the United Kingdom.

buckcoins1 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


buckcoins2 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


buckcoins3 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


buckcoins4 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


buckcoins5 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


buckcoins6 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


buckcoins7 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014


Any dealer or collector with information on this offense should contact:

Doug Davis

July 7th, 2014

Coin Shop Burglary San Antonio, Texas

Harry’s Coin and Jewelry in San Antonio,TX was burglarized in the early morning hours of 7/6/2014. The suspect or suspects gained entry into a neighboring office space that was vacant and broke through the wall into a shelved inventory area. Once inside they removed several boxes of silver bullion coins from the shelves.

The following is a partial list of coins taken.

Brittanias (51)
2012 Moose (13)
Philharmonics (50)
2012 Cougar (15)
Mex. Libertads (47)
2013 Bison (17)
Royal Mint 2014 Horse (12)
2013 Antelope (10)
Silver Panda’s (49)
Birds of Prey (32)
Noah’s Ark (14)
Maple leafs 2011-14 (62)
Tokelau Horse (5 )
1.5 Maple Leafs Fox 12, Polar Bear (11)
Tokelau Snake (5)
Kookaburras 1990-14 (113)
Koalas 2009-14 (41)
Canada Silver
Zombuck (9)
2011 Wolf (13)
Lakota (7)
2011 Grizzly (12)
Salt Croc (96)

Any dealer or collector with information should contact:

Doug Davis

July 6th, 2014

Breck Rare Coins Victim of Major Theft after the recent Baltimore show.

David Salvette, owner, of Breck Rare Coins was the victim of a major theft after the recent Baltimore show. The theft occurred from a Super Shuttle van parked in front of the Hyatt Hotel. The suspect removed a roller bag from the rear of the van as Salvette and the driver were getting inside to depart for the airport. Video from the hotel shows a tall black male wearing a tie removing the bag from the van. A report has been filed with the Baltimore Police Department.

The following is a list of coins stolen.

PCGS and NGC certified silver, gold and copper in 11 PCGS blue boxws and two Bowers & Merena black cardboard boxes. Includes about 25 Walkers, 75 Morgans, and two Peace Dollars, all white, all PCGS. Includes three Lincolns (1909-S VDB MS64 B CAC, 1955/55 AU58, 1910-S MS64 RD, 1909-S Indian Cl.) Includes about 70 NGC gold slabs $1-$20 and about 93 PCGS slabs $1-$20. Better dates include $20 1926-S P64, 1915 P64, 1914 P64, 1913 P62, 1911 P62, P64, 1913-S P63, 1909 P64, 1909/08 P62 CAC, 1908 W/M P64, 1922-S P63, 1925 P64, 1926 P65 CAC, 1927 P66, 1928 P66, 1913-D P62. Includes 30+ Ten Indians PCGS and NGC, including 1907 N63 and others P&N XF 45-MS 62. Includes 1885 P55 CAC $2-1/2. 1888-O, 1892-O, 1893-O, 1894-O, 1895-O, 1901-O, 1903-O, 1904-O, 1906-O, P&N graded MS61-MS62.Morgans include 1888-O Hot lips P55 CAC, 1889-CCP VG08.

Any dealer with information should contact: Doug Davis – 817-723-7231

March 21, 2014

Major Theft/Stolen Ancient Coins

numismeo Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014Numismeo 3910 Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014March 20, 2014 – Michael Creusy from ABC Numismatique a Lyon-based coin shop was the victim of a major theft. The family, who has been in the coin business for more than forty years, was on their way home from the bi-annual numismatic coin show in Paris on March 15, 2014 when they were robbed of their complete inventory of ancient and modern coins worth over 1 million euros. Allegedly two men are being suspected and also linked to thefts of rare coins at Crinon and Poinsignon during the Paris coin show.

According to Mr Creusy ‘an unpublished unique denarius of Galba from Carthage and a Charles IV Salut struck in gold in Paris are just two examples of the many unique and rare pieces that were stolen.

A list of stolen coins can be viewed on the victim’s website: (Language translator is located at the top of the page)

Anyone with information or is offered any of the coins listed please contact:

Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or email at

February 21, 2014

Missing/Stolen Coins
A coin being shipped to Orange County, California has been reported missing/stolen. The coin is a 1855-O $20 Lib. PCGS XF-45 with a CAC Sticker. The serial number is 11510992 (pictured below). Anyone with information should contact:  Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or via email at

1855 O 20 missing Numismatic Crime Alerts:  2014

Orlando, Florida
A United Postal Service package containing coins has been reported missing/stolen in Orlando, Florida.
The package contained the following coins:


7 pc Liberty gold set in plastic holder

1910 $2.5 raw                                                         

1915 $2.5 raw                           

1891 10 cent PCGS PR66                          

1909-S $20 raw                                                         

1909-S $20 raw                           

1909-S $20 raw                           

Isabella 25 cent raw                      

1910-D $20 raw (2)

1851-O $20 raw                           

1851 $20 raw                           

1856-S $20 raw                           

1852-O $20 raw                           

1861 $20 raw                           

1868-S $20 raw                           

1869 $2.5 NGC AU50                          

1899 $2.5 NGC PF65 star ultra cameo

1889-cc $1 AU 58 off holder                        

1861 $5 raw                           

1942 50 cent PCGS PR67 cac                           

1911-D $2.5 PCGS AU55 Strong D                             

1803/2 $5 raw

1850-O $20 raw

Photos of the above coins are available on request.

Anyone with information should contact:

Inv. David Chavin



Doug Davis


February 13, 2014

 Currency Dealer Victim of Vehicle Burglary
A currency dealer on his way home after a attending the recent White Plains New York Coin Show was the victim of a vehicle burglary which resulted in the loss of over $500,000 in collectible currency. The suspects smashed the windows of the  vehicle and removed briefcases containing the dealer’s inventory.

The following is a partial list of stolen currency:

$15,000. Face in $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes from 1963 to 2009
400 $2 FRNs from 1976 to 2009 Stars & Blocks
$10,000. Face in $5 Feds from Series 1928-C to 2006
$12,000. Face in $10 Feds from Series 1928-A to 2004-A
$15,000. Face in $20 Feds from Series 1928 to 2013
$18,000 Face in $50 Feds from 1928 to 2006
$2,500 Face in $100 Feds from 1928 to 2009
83 pieces of $2 Legal tender from 1928 to 1928-G in varying grades from F to Gem
70+/- pieces of $2 Legal Tender from 1953 to 1963-A
25 FRBNs all Grades and Districts & Denominations
20 Hawaii all Denominations
15 No. Africa All Denominations
400 to 500- $1.00 Silver Certificates (95% UNC)
150- $5.00 Silver Certificates (80% UNC)
20- $10 Silver Certificates
Thousands of fancy Numbers- all denominations

A list is being compiled by the victim which will contain serial numbers on the majority of missing notes.

Anyone with information should contact:
Doug Davis

February 10, 2014


Dealers in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas should be on the look out for a suspect selling counterfeit coins and bullion within the last ten days. The suspect has been identified as Gabe Owen and sometimes uses the alias Garet or Gabriel Owen. Owen is a white male and uses a Kansas driver’s license or a passport as identification. The vehicle driven by Owen is a white Yukon or Tahoe.
Owen is attempting to sell gold bars, one ounce gold eagles, a 1795 PCGS VF dollar and silver eagles. The same suspect was identified in similar incidents and reported by NCIC approximately one year ago.
We are working with authorities to get a current photo. At the present time there is no outstanding warrant for this subject.
Doug Davis


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    This information should be a regular article in the weekly Coin World magazine.

    • CoinWeek says:

      The problem is stolen items are oftern sold off quickly and the information in a print magazine is almost out-of-date by the time it is published.

      However, by using CoinWeek, we can disseminate information within hours to 30,000 plus collectors and dealers.

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