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Walter Breen Interview from 1986

In August of 1986 CoinWeek partner David Lisot conducted a series of interviews for the American Numismatic Association with many of the prominent numismatists of the day.

Walter Breen is considered on the most brilliant and enigmatic people in coin hobby. This video offers a rare and personal insight into one of the most interesting personalities in numismatics.

Run Time – 13:17

Walter Breen Interview from 1986

David Lisot – CoinTelevision
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  1. anon says:

    A convicted child molester. He ruined childrens’ lives. Knowledge is readily available from countless honorable men and women in the industry. Honor them and the worlds greatest hobby by allowing evil people like Walter Breen to descend into obscurity.

  2. SAW says:

    Thank you for posting the archival video of the interview with Walter. It was so delightful to see this, as the only other artifacts that I have of him are personal letters, memories, and one photograph. His friendship was a fortunate gift to me in my youth (1980’s) and helped me overcome a troubled childhood to become a more healthy and productive adult. He was very paternalistic to me, and filled gaps that my father was unable to (and there was never any sex or any coercion to do so between us).
    ~ SAW

    Response to “anon”:
    “If there is such a thing as the devil’s work in this civilization, it is well represented by that kind of hate/bigotry…”
    ~ Walter Breen, 9/19/81 (in personal correspondence written to me)
    The quote is as timeless then as it is today!

  3. SAW says:

    Numismatics (definition): “Greed under a thin veil of scholarship.”

    or, (as per anon) “…the world’s greatest hobby…”?

    I choose to trust in the wisdom, truthfulness, and courageous honesty of my wonderfully brilliant friend!

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