Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream?

Legend Numismatics Market Report…

Legend Numismatics has done RECORD business for the month of July. We could shut the doors today and be at all time record sales. We have been BOTH BUYING and SELLING. Business is so crazy we cannot stop even for a day. We have been working through weekends and have traveled several thousand miles crisscrossing the country!

Ferocious activity like this usually only takes place around the FUN Show in January.

We are seeing many people who were startled by the announcement of the Pogue sale calm down and realize to collect for today, not for something no one even has a solid sale date or list of coins for. Plus we are being offered many cool items as collectors are starting to prepare (NOT panic sell) for the ANA, potentially Pogue and the balance of the Gardner Collection. For us this has been tremendous opportunity as we have been crowing for years about our huge Want Lists. We are finally finding a few coins! Our buyers see opportunity for sure and can’t get enough.

Interstingly, the three things we are NOT being offered to us: great Bust coins, BETTER 20th Century GEM CAC Gold or GEM better Morgans. The stuff just does not exist! We can’t even buy PCGS cac bean Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream? MS67 W/M Saints anymore.

Now, we are pleased to make 3 major announcements (2 Legend 1 LRCA). After you read them, you’ll want to make sure Legend is your #1 table to stop by at the ANA Show!



legend19151 Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream?

San Francisco Mint Superintendent T. W. H. Shanahan delivers the first $50 gold coin struck for the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition to Exposition President Charles C. Moore.

To make a long story short, here is some information from the Heritage Auction we purchased it from in 2005!  The 14k gold and velvet Shreve and co. case is incredible. This is one of the neatest numismatic treasures ever! It really belongs in a museum. Clearly, this is the ultimate Pan Pac set! The price: $575,000.00


This was formerly the Law Collection-which was exclusively assembled over a decade by the principals of Legend. After Mr Simpson obtained the collection, he allowed us to work our magic and continue to build the set into the best ever. EVERY coin is a real top notch SUPERB GEM-there are no “holder” grades here. This collection is too important to be broken up (we did have the choice to auction it). The potential is unlimited! Highlights include:

The two highest graded MS PCGS MS Barber Dimes: 1910+1911 PCGS MS68+cac bean Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream?

Read read more about this set in out inventory listing. Or, visit the PCGS Set Registry: http://www.pcgs.com/SETREGISTRY/alltimeset.aspx?s=71629

The asking price: $1,350,000.00 (no 94S).

With a PCGS PR64 Cameo cac bean Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream? 1894S $3,250,000.00.

NOTE: Mr Simpson is doing a little house cleaning and reorganization to his collection. ALL the coins we are selling for him represent a SMALL fraction of his holdings. We assure you, he is NOT cashing out- and in fact he is still as aggressive of a buyer as ever (we locked on several interesting coins in the ANA sales already)! He sees nothing but opportunity today.


Hard to believe we are still listing a few NEWPS this week. We’ve had some very interesting deals come in. This weeks grand highlight is:

50C 1859S PCGS MS68 cac bean Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream?-the ONLY PCGS MS68 for the N/M series!

Of course we have many other great NEWPS to offer as well. And do not forget our regular inventory!




To quote The original Sunnywood Collector: “I’m really pleased to hear that the colorful Sunnywood Morgans will be sold individually by Legend Numismatics at public auction. It’s always nice when beautiful coins return to the marketplace, allowing a broad range of collectors new and old the opportunity to bid on and buy favorite pieces from this unique set.”

eliasberg1893s Legend Numismatics Market Report: Is this January or One Awesome Dream?Yes, the famous MONSTER colored COMPLETE Sunnywood/Simpson Collection will be sold UNRESERVED in our October Regency Sale in Las Vegas at the PCGS Invitational. This set unquestioably is one of the FINEST EVER assembled colored Morgan sets. We purchased this set six years ago. There were a few major changes: most important the 3 famous Sonnier CC’s were added: 1880CC, 1890CC, 1891CC. There are so many HIGH END quality oriented MONSTER colored pieces in it we have trouble picking a favorite. PLUS, there are about 35 dupilicates and extras! This is total nirvana for ANY Morgan lover and forget about it if you love colored Morgans-WOW!

The grand highlight coin of the set: The 1893S PCGS MS65 EX Eliasberg (Est: $600,000-$650,000.00). Oh WOW! This coin sure looks better then a MS65 (no hype, you MUST see it)! In our opinion, really EVERY coin in this collection is worthy of “highlight” status!

You can view the set on the PCGS Registry. We expect to have highlights on the LRCA web site by the end of the week. Once you view these spectacular coins, few others will ever tempt you!

This WILL be a blockbuster sale! Obviously record prices with passionate intense bidding will be the norm-so prepare well!

We are still accepting consignments for The Regency VIIII Sale. Deadline is Monday August 11th-NO exceptions. You will want your coins in this sale! Remember, Legend Numismatics unquestionably enjoys one of the strongest collector bases in the business.

Call or email Julie Abrams at julie@legendauctions.com or see our web site: http://www.legendauctions.com for more information. Act now!

ALL OF THE THESE SETS WILL BE ON DISPLAY AT THE ANA SHOW AT OUR TABLE. We are hoping to have the Sunnywood set on display at the Long Beach Show in September.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us. We do NOT check out phone messages until 9 AM Monday. You can reach us at: legend@legendcoin.com

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