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Numismatic Photography by Mark Goodman

New Book Teaches Techniques and Tips on How to Photograph Coins (Irvine, CA) – As the use of the Internet and electronic visual media becomes more of a vital part of the coin industry, photographing coins, either raw or slabbed, has become... read more »


The Ted Naftzger Collection of United States Large Cents to be Sold

The Ted Naftzger Collection of United States Large Cents to be Sold

Ira and Larry Goldberg will auction The Ted Naftzger Collection of United States Large Cents in 2008 and 2009. The collection will be sold in two parts, the first of which will be of Early U.S. Large Cents, held on Sunday, September 14th,... read more »


A Decade of Top 100 Insights by Michael S. Fey

Available from Wizard Coin Supply Here The book is a compilation of the last 10 years of Rare Coin Investments’ Top 100 Insights and Value Guide quarterly newsletter. It includes the first Fall, 1997 Value Guide with prices for Top 100... read more »


Early United States Quarters 1796 1838 by Steve Tompkins

In this monumental new hardbound work, printed and bound in the U.S.A., you will find 448 pages covering each year and the known die marriages for those years, along with background of the early mint. Included are quick finding charts and pictorials,... read more »


The Rebel and the Rose: James A. Semple, Julia Gardiner Tyler, and the Lost Confederate Gold

By Wesley Millett and Gerald White The Rebel and the Rose has been nominated for the Jefferson Davis Award by the Museum of the Confederacy for outstanding narrative works. According to Museum director John Coski, the purpose of the award is... read more »


Collecting and Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars By Jeff Ambio

Part of the “Strategy Guide” series, this book is the perfect tool for the collector or investor of Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Jeff Ambio presents his seasoned knowledge and insightful tips for the most beneficial collecting and investing... read more »


Guide to Coin Collecting by David L. Ganz

From America’s leading experts, your ultimate Guide to Coin Collecting From the change in your pocket to the history of famous silver dollars, from understanding mintmarks and pedigree to assessing condition and grade, this is the only... read more »


The Coinage of Augustus Saint-Gaudens: as Illustrated by the Phillip H. Morse Collection

By James L. Halperin, Mark Van Winkle, Jon Amato and Gregory J. Rohan The ten and twenty dollar gold pieces designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens are generally considered among the most beautiful and artistically accomplished coinage of all time.... read more »


Guide Book of Lincoln Cents

Generations of coin collectors have grown up with the Lincoln cent. Now, as the coin nears its 100th anniversary (and the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth), Q. David Bowers provides a detailed study of this great American classic—our... read more »


Husak Large Cents Soar Past $10.7 Million At Heritage’s $25 Million Long Beach Signature Auction

Husak Large Cents Soar Past $10.7 Million At Heritage’s $25 Million Long Beach Signature Auction

Dallas, TX: The auction room was jammed with hundreds of bidders before the first lot of the Large Cent Collection of Walter Husak was offered at Heritage’s Official Auction at the February 14-16, 2008 Long Beach Coin Expo. When the last... read more »


Money and Sovereignty as Expressed in Gold Coinage

by Douglas A. Mudd & Michael Fagin Money has attracted a major part of mankind’s attention since its invention in Asia Minor in the 7th century B.C. It has had many uses over the ages beyond its original development for purposes of long... read more »


Looking Through Lincoln Cents by: Charles D. Daughtrey

Pull a few pennies from your pocket. Take a close look. You may be holding an oddity that the U.S. Mint did not want you to find. Yet millions of them have found their way into general circulation. Many are worth hundreds of dollars. Experts... read more »



by Dr.Edward Dauer, Joanne Dauer and John Pettit Australia became a nation on January 1, 1901 when the six self-governing states officially became the Commonwealth of Australia. Queen Victoria passed away just three weeks later, on January 22,... read more »


Hobo Nickel Guidebook by Stephen P. Alpert

The Original Hobo Nickel Society has just published its Hobo Nickel Guidebook authored by Stephen P. Alpert, which presents an up to date guide to hobo nickels and their values. Both classic old hobo nickels and modern creations are presented,... read more »


The Early Paper Money of America: Colonial Currency 1696-1810

By Eric P. Newman A recent surge in this paper money arena provides a ready-made audience for a new edition of this one-of-a-kind book. Top-dollar auctions are putting more Colonial American paper money into collectors’ hands, creating... read more »