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A Guide Book of the Official Red Book of United States Coins

The Guide Book of the Official Red Book of United States Coins offers a history of coin price guides, leading up to the best-selling numismatic reference of all time: the legendary “Red Book.” Longtime collector Frank J. Colletti... read more »


Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins By Q. David Bowers

From Q. David Bowers comes a book so comprehensive and authoritative that only the “Dean of American Numismatics” could have created it! Drawing on the expertise of dozens of specialists from around the world, plus Bowers’s own vast knowledge... read more »


Abraham Lincoln: The Image of His Greatness By Fred Reed

Abraham Lincoln: The Image of His Greatness is a remarkable creation. Harold Holzer, of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and cochairman of the United States Lincoln Bicentennial Commission), calls it “interesting and compelling,” saying that... read more »


World’s Greatest Mint Errors by Mike Byers

World’s Greatest Mint Errors is an enjoyable resource packed full of some of the most dramatic, rare and extraordinary mint errors and die trials ever assembled in one publication. This book combines stunning imagery with the most accurate... read more »


Lincoln Cent Matte Proofs By Kevin Flynn

The only book devoted entirely to matte proof Lincoln Cents. Over 250 color and black and white photos provide die diagnostics descriptions to identify and authenticate matte proof Lincoln Cents. Included are die state diagnostics and photographs... read more »


The Authoritative Reference on Comemorative Coins, 1892-1954

The primary objective of this book is to present a detailed historical account surrounding the images used on commemorative coins struck between 1892 and 1954. These images are history frozen in time; a story told through the hands of a sculptor.... read more »


In Yankee Doodle’s Pocket: The Myth, Magic and Politics of Money in Early America,

Will Nipper’s new book, In Yankee Doodle’s Pocket: The Myth, Magic and Politics of Money in Early America, offers fresh perspectives on America’s celebrated ascent from disparate colonial outposts to sovereign power. Through the day-to-day... read more »


Grading Coins by Photographs

No subject is more important to the rare-coin collector or investor than grading. Learning to grade the right way can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Now, award-winning professional numismatist Q. David Bowers has written a unique... read more »


A Guide Book of Gold Dollars

By Q. David Bowers with foreword by David Akers. A Guide Book of United States Gold Dollars is the latest entry in Whitman’s Bowers Series. It includes a chronicle of the nation’s smallest gold coin; an inside look at mints and the... read more »


Numismatic Photography by Mark Goodman

New Book Teaches Techniques and Tips on How to Photograph Coins (Irvine, CA) – As the use of the Internet and electronic visual media becomes more of a vital part of the coin industry, photographing coins, either raw or slabbed, has become... read more »


The Ted Naftzger Collection of United States Large Cents to be Sold

The Ted Naftzger Collection of United States Large Cents to be Sold

Ira and Larry Goldberg will auction The Ted Naftzger Collection of United States Large Cents in 2008 and 2009. The collection will be sold in two parts, the first of which will be of Early U.S. Large Cents, held on Sunday, September 14th,... read more »


A Decade of Top 100 Insights by Michael S. Fey

Available from Wizard Coin Supply Here The book is a compilation of the last 10 years of Rare Coin Investments’ Top 100 Insights and Value Guide quarterly newsletter. It includes the first Fall, 1997 Value Guide with prices for Top 100... read more »


Early United States Quarters 1796 1838 by Steve Tompkins

In this monumental new hardbound work, printed and bound in the U.S.A., you will find 448 pages covering each year and the known die marriages for those years, along with background of the early mint. Included are quick finding charts and pictorials,... read more »


The Rebel and the Rose: James A. Semple, Julia Gardiner Tyler, and the Lost Confederate Gold

By Wesley Millett and Gerald White The Rebel and the Rose has been nominated for the Jefferson Davis Award by the Museum of the Confederacy for outstanding narrative works. According to Museum director John Coski, the purpose of the award is... read more »


Collecting and Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars By Jeff Ambio

Part of the “Strategy Guide” series, this book is the perfect tool for the collector or investor of Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Jeff Ambio presents his seasoned knowledge and insightful tips for the most beneficial collecting and investing... read more »