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100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens

Katherine Jaeger and Q. David Bowers tell the fascinating stories of 100 of the greatest medals and tokens of colonial America, the early states, the Confereracy, the U.S. Mint, and dozens of private issuers. It’s all here: the history... read more »


James Crawford: Master of the Mint at Carson City

A new biography on the life of James Crawford, fourth superintendent of the Carson City Mint from 1874 to 1885, is now available in hardcover, from the award-winning author of The Mint on Carson Street, Rusty Goe. Packed with more information... read more »


Treasure Ship: The Legend and Legacy of the S.S. Brother Jonathan

Dennis M. Powers Citadel Press Books (2006) ISBN 0806527471 Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (3/07) “Treasure Ship” is the story behind the story of the legend of the S.S. Brother Jonathan. The story is written in three parts.... read more »


Renaissance of American Coinage (1916-1921)

by Roger W. Burdette – Seneca Mill Press By 1905 dissatisfaction with bland, lifeless coinage designs prepared exclusively by engravers at the U. S. Mint in Philadelphia, prompted President Theodore Roosevelt to commission new coin designs... read more »


United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guide

Whitman’s United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guide is a full-color, 224-page reference for identifying fake gold coins, from dollars to double eagles. Detailed text and high-resolution close-up photographs show specific diagnostics... read more »


Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint – By Douglas Winter

In 1992, the first edition of Doug Winter’s book Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint: 1839-1909 was published. It popularized these under-appreciated coins and introduced many new collectors to the field. In almost two decades, much has... read more »


Coins Questions & Answers

This book provides detailed answers to hundreds of the most commonly asked questions about the world of numismatics, giving coin collectors a feel for the historical significance of coins. It is filled with hundreds of photos and interesting... read more »


Whitman Guide To Coin Collecting

This is an up-to-date, comprehensive guide that explains everything a new collector needs to know. You will learn about getting started in the hobby, mint marks, varieties, and what makes a coin valuable. It also contains information on how... read more »


History of the United States Mint and Its Coinage

In conjunction with the American Numismatic Association, author David W. Lange and researcher Mary Jo Meade present a fascinating look into the history of the United States Mint. From its roots in the pre-colonial eras, through independence... read more »


Official Redbook Price Guide of Modern U.S. Proof Coin Sets

NOW AVAILABLE Proof sets offer the collector a chance to enjoy United States coins at their finest. It’s no wonder they have reached new heights of popularity in recent years. In this detailed book, numismatic writer David W. Lange offers... read more »


Illegal Tender: Gold, Greed, and the Mystery of the Lost 1933 Double Eagle

A 1933 $20 double-eagle gold coin was auctioned in 2002 for $7.5 million, the largest sum ever for a U.S. coin. Like all other 1933 double eagles, it was produced by the U.S. Mint as President Franklin Roosevelt responded to a national banking... read more »


The United States $3 Gold Pieces

By Q. David Bowers and Douglas Winter – The first volume in the American Numismatic Rarities Pedigree Book Series, will be a comprehensive encyclopedia of Three Dollar Gold Pieces. This definitive study will be the most important and comprehensive... read more »


Type III Double Eagles: 1877-1907

Mike Fuljenz’s book Type Three Double Eagles: 1877-1907 received the Numismatic Literary Guild Investment Book of the Year Award. This 190-page large format, soft cover book was the first numismatic analysis specifically dedicated to an... read more »


Authoritative Reference on Buffalo Nickels 2nd Edition

by: John Wexler, Ron Pope and Kevin Flynn…Buffalo nickels were struck from 1913 to 1938. This nickel series is considered to be one of the most collectible issues struck by the US Mint. Its unique design lends to its charm and popularity:... read more »


A Collector’s Guide To Indian Head Quarter Eagles.

With this guide, the new or advanced collector will be better able to make sound buying decisions. Each of the fifteen issues is discussed in regard to its strike, luster, color, surfaces and eye appeal. In addition, the authors present rarity... read more »