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CPMX Chicago Paper Money Exposition Video Playlist

Why People Go to the CPMX Chicago Paper Money Exposition in Rosemont. VIDEO: 2:31

cpme_2014Interviewer: David Lisot,
Bill Brandimore, Krause Publications, Vince Calvo, Paper Money Assured, Dustin Johnston, Heritage Auctions, Matthew Quinn, Stack’s Bowers, Peter Treglia, Stack’s Bowers……..

Twenty years a dedicated convention for just bank notes was created that came to be known as CPMX, or Chicago Paper Money Exposition. Since then the show has continued to draw dealers and collectors.

Find out why this convention is considered so important on the paper money circuit.


Chicago Paper Money Expo Dealers Talk About the Currency Market. VIDEO: 2:11

Interviewer: David Lisot,
Bill Brandimore, Krause Publications, Vince Calvo, Paper Money Assured, Dustin Johnston, Heritage Auctions, Matthew Quinn, Stack’s Bowers, Peter Treglia, Stack’s Bowers……..

CPMX in Rosemont is the first exclusively paper money convention of the new year and dealers attend to trade bank notes and determine the market. Hear about the state of the paper money market from traders at the show.


Bill Brandimore Talks About CPMX, Working for Krause, and the Currency Hobby.VIDEO: 3:18

Bill Brandimore has been involved in collecting for more than 60 years. His background included being chief of police of a town in the Midwest. He now works as the currency market and pricing analyst for Krause Publications and Bank Note Reporter. Bill shares his thoughts about the Chicago Paper Money Exposition, the currency market and what it is like to work for Krause Publications.


COOL CURRENCY! CPMX Paper Money Exposition 2014. VIDEO: 8:55

Interviewer: David Lisot,,
Vince Cavo, Paper Money Assured, Dustin Johnston, Heritage, Matthew Quinn, Stack’s Bowers, Peter Treglia, Stack’s Bowers……..

See more incredibly cool paper money from the CPMX show including Chinese Ming notes, Qatar 1973 $500, Iran 1925 20 Toman, Kwang Tung China $10, Malaya $100, $10 Tranquillity, California, 1899 $2 Silver Certificate block collection, and Zanzibar 1928 10 Rupee.


Heritage Auctions to Sell the Ruth W. Hill Collection of World Paper Money. VIDEO: 4:07

Dustin Johnston, Heritage Auctions
Interviewer: David Lisot,……..

Ruth Hill assembled one of the largest and most complete collections of world paper money ever assembled. She was involved with many collector organizations including the International Bank Note Society.

She recently passed away and Heritage Auctions will be selling her collection. Hear and see examples of what will be included in this historic sale.


Stack’s Bowers to Host Major World Paper Money Auction in Hong Kong. VIDEO: 3:12

Matthew Quinn, Stack’s Bowers
Interviewer: David Lisot,……..

An important collection of world bank notes will be sold in Hong Kong in April. Highlights include several Ming Dynasty era bank notes along with other important rarities.

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The Chicago Paper Money Exposition is one of the most popular conventions in the United States serving the interests of collectors and dealers of rare paper money and collectable stocks and bonds. It features a major auction of paper money rarities. The CPMX rare currency auction is cataloged and conducted by Lyn F. Knight Auctions of Overland Park, Kansas. Mr. Knight is widely recognized for his leadership of what is regarded as one of the leading rare currency auction firms in the world.

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