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The much-maligned, misunderstood two dollar bill has set out to erase public misconceptions by agreeing to star in a self-titled documentary film currently in production. 

“The Two Dollar Bill Documentary” will be the first film of its kind to lift the curtain on what makes the “deuce” unique in our culture. 

Finally, questions about why the bill is hoarded, saved, assumed lucky and rarely seen in society will be answered.

two dollar 1 TWO DOLLAR BILL DOCUMENTARY  NOW IN PRODUCTIONSouth Florida filmmaker John Bennardo is helming the production, and thinks it’s about time the public came to understand the two.

“Most people don’t even know that there IS a two dollar bill,” said Bennardo. “This film will show them not only that the bill exists, but that its role and usage among consumers is far greater than you could ever imagine.”

Bennardo has already interviewed superstition experts, historians, numismatists and special interest groups, and has also lined up other heavyweights like members of the U.S. Treasury; Bennardo will soon be filming the latest print run of two dollar bills in Fort Worth, Texas and will add this and other stories to the narrative.

two dollar 2 TWO DOLLAR BILL DOCUMENTARY  NOW IN PRODUCTIONAdditionally, with the understanding that most Americans have not only come in contact with the bill but may have a unique story about them, Bennardo has created a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter that gives his audience a chance to be a part of the film as well.
Unlike most crowdfunding projects, Bennardo’s offers a chance to have viewers submit stories, pictures and/or a short video to appear in the film. It all adds up to a production that will entertain and enlighten audiences when it debuts in 2014.

John Bennardo: 561-573-6721
Facebook: /2dollarbillmovie   Twitter: @2dollarbilldoc (film)  @immaginevideo (John)
Kickstarter campaign:

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