Investors Accuse Gold Dealer Jim Burg of Superior Discount Coins of Stealing More Than $1 million

Jim Burg owner of Superior Discount Coins of Englewood, Colorado  is accused by investors of possibly stealing more than $1 Million Dollars.

"I placed a big order that was $325,000, basically my wife's entire IRA," Larry Lane, who lives near Conifer, Colorado, said. "Now we've spent the last two years checking with Jim [Burg], trying to find out, where is our gold?" Lane and his wife considered the Burgs their friends.

Extensive searches of consumer complaint websites, court documents, property records and information by 9NEWS in Colorado, who broke this story, reveal people who claim Burg stole their money are located in Colorado, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California, Illinois and Texas. Some of Burg's past clients have won lawsuits against him in court, but say Burg doesn't pay them the money ordered by a judge.

Burg repeatedly refused to say what happened to his clients' money, and four days after 9News tried to get answers for Burg's clients, he filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

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  1. Steve Carnow says:

    Jim Burg and his wife both are thieves, fake people with a fake religion who dupe the gullable.

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