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Cindy Wibker Talks About the Summer FUN 2013 Coin Convention. VIDEO: 3:24

cindy w summer fun Cindy Wibker Talks About the Summer FUN 2013 Coin Convention. VIDEO: 3:24David Lisot: Interviewer

Cindy Wibker manages the Florida United Numismatists twice annual conventions.

She manages more than a thousand different dealers to provide them bourse tables as well as coordinating all the events at each convention.

She talks about what it is like to manage such an endeavor and why the FUN conventions have proven so popular.

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2013 Summer FUN SHOW – Orlando Florida:
The Florida United Numismatists is host of the nation’s largest coin show, held annually at the beginning of January. Over 15,000 collectors and dealers from around the U.S. and the world converge in the sunny climate for the first bellwether gathering of the year.

The Summer FUN coin convention is smaller that the winter show, but still remains a priority venue for the major dealers and local collectors. It also includes  the Summer FUN Heritage Signature coin auction which is an important sale of rare US coins.

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