Cool Coins! 2016 Episode 5 – 4K Video

Our fifth episode of CoinWeek's Cool Coins! for 2016 ups the ante! We've got scarce medals, scarcer U.S. pattern coins, and a previously-unpublished ancient gold coin.

Exonumia dealer Paul Cunningham always brings with him an unusual and interesting assortment of tokens and medals. When looking through his offerings, we noticed three art deco medals commemorating Detroit automaker General Motors' 25th Anniversary. Two of the medals were engraved, while the third--a large format piece--was certified by NGC. Paul has sought out these scarce medals for years and shares his knowledge of them with us.

Speaking of scarce, Julian Leidman's 1870 $1 Judd-1006 pattern is one of only three known. Struck in aluminum, the coin's obverse motif riffs on the classic Seated Liberty design of the mid-19th century and may well be an improvement on Christian Gobrecht's work.

Finally, we visit WINGS' Lance Tchor to discuss selections from a large collection of ancient coins that his world and ancient coin certification company received for review from CoinWeek sponsor Gibraltar Coins. The three coins that Lance reviews include a previously-unpublished gold coin believed to come from Troas or Cebren; a silver denarius of Didius Julianus from 193 CE (the Year of Five Emperors); and a silver tetradrachm from the Kingdom of Macedon, featuring the likeness of Alexander the Great's father, King Philip II.

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This video was filmed on location at the 2016 Summer FUN Show, conducted by the Florida United Numismatists.

This video program was filmed in 4K resolution for maximum video quality. Click the “Watch on YouTube” button to view video at maximum resolution.

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