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Collecting Commemorative Art Medals – London Coin Fair

Peter Thompson, P&D Medallions,
Interviewer: David Lisot

Many collectors in Great Britain are interested in the large art medals issued since the 1500’s. Medal specialist Peter Thompson talks about the differences in collecting medals and coins. He also discusses how to go about getting the best items for your collection that stand the best chance of appreciation and having easy resale.

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London Coin Fair
Bloomsbury, England
November 19, 2011

The London Coin Fair has been held for more than 30 years in the London area and currently takes place three times a year. The convention is a gathering for coin, medal, token, and paper money collectors and dealers with an interest in items from the past. Several factors have taken place recently affecting the coin hobby in London including a change of ownership of the London Coin Fair as well as major swings in the local economy.

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