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CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan here. I wanted to make this week’s CoinWeek Silver coin giveaway special, so I reached out to our friends at NGC and I said, let’s do something this week for CoinWeek’s readers that not only celebrates the 30th Anniversary of NGC but also shows something unusual, unique, and historically important.

They sent me this box. I know what’s in it and I can’t wait to show you.

Funny, it’s in a Do Not Crack pouch. You see this sometimes when submitters give NGC instructions not to crack out the coin unless it will upgrade. This is usually done to preserve older holders, which can carry a premium in the marketplace.

What I am holding here is unlike any NGC holder you may have ever seen.

This is an NGC prototype that was custom made a few months before NGC began operations. The ad agency that NGC worked with suggested black because it said it was nicer than white. They also recommended that NGC put its logo on the front of the holder.

These suggestions were implemented for the first production run, but quickly abandoned. As you can see, today’s holders are much more elegant.

Something else, you will notice the lathe lines on the surface of this prototype. This was a custom made holder, production holders were molded and do not exhibit this feature.

I’d like to thank Mark Salzberg for sending me this important piece of company memorabilia.

... and now to the giveaway.

NGC has sent us two silver eagles in 30th anniversary sample holders to giveaway. I’d imagine that these two pieces will be quite scarce as its not often that you find such valuable coins in sample holders. At the end of this video, I’ll provide a link to sign up. This is our 160th giveaway and this time there will be TWO winners.

Click Here to Enter

Our thanks go out to NGC and to our growing reader base. You have made CoinWeek the most visited, most viewed, and most trusted numismatic publication in the market and I personally thank you.

For CoinWeek, I’m Charles Morgan. Happy collecting and good luck!

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